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I teach Art and Music at Massanutten Resort.

Contact me for any reason. If you have any opportunities for me to perform my original songs and gospel music feel free to send me a message. 

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I have written a Christian fiction novel called Prodigal Daughter. I am currently working with CFP. They are designing the cover art now and I believe we are close to publishing. Praise GOD!

I have other book ideas for the future if it is GOD's will...


My mom and I went to a wine and design together years ago. The subject matter was a sunflower and this is the painting I made. I call it "Seeds." My mom died this week and I am thankful to God for the good memories I still have. This painting represents one of those good memories together. Debra Dee Floyd (2/7/1952-11/1/2023)

My pen name for the book is:

Christian j Raines

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