"Avodah from Saul to Paul"
by Jeremiah Raines
Daniel's poemDaniel Barnhart
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A Psalm of My Life (# 1)J. Raines
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JESUS is my Light -Prayer for Butch (#2)J. Raines
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Raj, Sarah, & 2 Women Crying -The Wedding Present (#3)J. Raines
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"Proverbs 11:30" 
by Jeremiah Raines
Day of The Lord-Keep Living (#1)J. Raines
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Emmanuel (#2)J. Raines
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GOD is my Teacher (#3)J. Raines
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He's got my world in His handsDaniel Barnhart
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I am planning to eventually record these more professionally with multi-tracking on a CD and make them available for the public to have. 
F.Y.I. - I've written some love songs because I am a fan of them, but I've actually been celibate for about 20 years now.

Today (#4)J. Raines
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He Felt the Most Pain (#4)J. Raines
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Arms of You -The First Song (#5)J. Raines
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High Hope (#5)J. Raines
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She is my Favorite Color (#6)J. Raines
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New Morning, No Mourning (#6)J. Raines
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Untorn...Do Two Become One? (#7)J. Raines
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River Baptism-New Life (#7)J. Raines
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In the Fall, Answer the Call (#8)J. Raines
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Tell the Truth (#8)J. Raines
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Sane View of my Insanity w/ Grace from Almighty GOD (#9)J. Raines
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Two Good Forgivers-Sunny Side Up (#9)J. Raines
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Heaven's Waiting Room -Unleavened Bread (#10)J. Raines
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You'd Probably Cry His Name (#10)J. Raines
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"In memory of Thomas 'Earman' Shifflett and Eugene Hall. Proverbs 18:24" by Jeremiah Raines

The MarkDaniel Barnhart
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Fear the Lord flee evilJ. Raines
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JerusalemJ. Raines
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JESUS Loves all the ChildrenJ. Raines
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JESUS WayJ. Raines
00:00 / 04:52
Living by Giving Living ForgivingJ. Raines
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I need the LordJ. Raines
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One DayJ. Raines
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People are Different and loved by GODJ. Raines
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The World's Greatest PlagueJ. Raines
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Two great American preachersJ. Raines
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Here is album #3. I feel like an official singer/song writer now with 3 albums (Trinity) and 30 songs (Age JESUS started His ministry). Also this album only took about three and a half months to write entirely. The first two albums have some songs written years ago. So, there is not much back story to #3, but I am going to give a little back story to #1 and #2. Thomas 'Earman' Shifflett and Eugene Hall are both two older Christian men I was friends with in life. They were cool! "JESUS Way" on #3 is my rap debut, it was fun. I paraphrased a popular chapter in the Bible to write the musical verses in the song "Living by Giving, Living Forgiving". I just wanted to make it poetic while keeping it as close to the original Bible verses as possible. I figured if Eugene Peterson can paraphrase the entire Bible I can paraphrase parts of it to create this song and hopefully others in the future. GOD's words in the Bible are perfect and holy! ( John 1:1 )
On album #1 in 2002 I decided it was time to become a song writer, so I sat on my bed and wrote "Arms of You" and found out that I believe GOD has given me that gift. That song like other older songs have evolved over time and become more honouring to GOD. I really wrote "Raj, Sarah, and Two Women Crying" as a wedding present to my sister and bro-in-law. The two women crying part is my cousins Jacalyn and Monica who were in tears after I sang the song. "Sane View of my Insanity with the Grace of Almighty GOD" is about a period of life when I went through mental struggles. A church friend years ago named Butch got into an accident and our church organised a prayer vigil that they asked me to sing at. I wrote two songs for this event, "JESUS is my Light" and "Heaven's Waiting Room". A couple from church told me several times they really liked "Heaven's Waiting Room", their last name is Baker, hence the idea for the name "Unleavened Bread". That day prior to the pray vigil Butch had one good lung and it had collapsed, his other lung had already done so. That night our church organised the prayer vigil for him, both Butch's healthier and also even his more damaged lung came out of collapse and regained more health to become functional again.
On album #2  I wrote "High Hope" to enter a song writing competition at the Sing Me High Music Festival but I didn't have Microsoft Word at the time, or the recording software I am now learning to properly enter the competition. I like the song though, it's a play on the name of the festival. GOD is 'high' above us and He is where hope comes from. Some of "Two Good Forgivers" just popped into my head when I was working at Sunnyside Retirement Community, that's why it's also called "Sunny Side Up." The "Two Good Forgivers" name of the same song came from a quote by Billy Graham's wife Ruth. I went to Vietnam Vet meetings a little when I was living in Culpeper, I'm not a vet, but just wanted to hang out with them and they were cool with it. They asked me to sing "New Morning, No Mourning" at the 20th Anniversary of the Vietnam Vet Memorial in Culpeper, VA. "Day of the Lord" continues where "Sane View of my Insanity..." left off in the first album. Symbolising to me and hopefully something others can learn from, that first my mental health comes from my relationship with GOD and that mental health is still an ongoing process, like salvation. You aren't saved one day and then never have to behave like a Christian ever again because it happened that one day, mental health is also something you work on doing every day. I had a dream that I was a professional worship leader touring around and I had a  hit song with those familiar words (This is a day that the Lord has made), but in more of a rock'n roll style like the song I made. That is the first and only song to date that got started from being in a dream, though the words have already been said many times by many different people.
I want to thank GOD for this entire writing experience, it is a true blessing from GOD for which I am humbled and grateful. Just getting to accomplish these goals is a dream come true. I plan to stop recording new songs for a while. I want to focus on creating better recordings for the first three albums with multi tracking, CD cover art, ect. that I can work to get into a finished CD product so people can buy the albums if they desire. In the near future I may make these acoustic guitar recordings of these songs available for purchase for .33 cents a piece. Thanks for listening and I encourage everyone else to work at things you love doing with hope in and prayer to JESUS Christ the Lord of all creation! GOD is good!