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"American Honey"

"Don't Worry/ Don't Worry Be Happy"

"Fire and Rain"

"Heart of Gold"

"I Know You Rider"

"Pride and Joy"

 Contact me on the 'About' tab if you are interested in private music and/or art lessons! I can teach most instruments. I do not teach vocal lessons.
I teach music and art classes at Massanutten Resort that are open to the public. I do caricatures of people there too.
Massanutten Resort - Massanutten Select Classes ( I am also volunteering as a music teacher at Childhelp Alice C Tyler Village where GOD has blessed me to sing Christian music with the kids at their chapel.
I am a musical performer and welcome anyone to contact me if you are interested in hiring me to perform at your business or private event. Also contact me about church music and non-profit benefits. I perform mainstream music as well as gospel. With secular music, I have a specific set list of songs that I perform. There are a lot of good songs and I stick to that list. I tried to WWJD the songs I picked. 




"GOD Blessed the Broken Road"

JESUS cartoon.jpg

"I Can See Clearly Now"

"Lie In Our Graves"

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

Below is a list of more mainstream songs on my set list when I perform music at community events. I also do Christian music/events. Check out my original songs. This is not a complete list, there are other mainstream songs I perform.

The book of Romans in the Bible is one of my favorite books and a good book to help understand Christian doctrine and theology better. To completely understand the Bible, you have to read all of it. GOD works through justice and mercy by His righteousness and grace.

Tip: When strumming chords with your pick, grip an egg shaker with your other fingers to add percussion. You can also put a sturdy tambourine on the ground get sound out of it with your foot. 

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