Oct 17

The make up date for the benefit music event has been officially set to 10/17. The location is changed to inside Harrisonburg Free Will Baptist Church to prevent another rain delay. I think we are starting at 6pm, I may start singing early. The performers will be me, South River Express, and 3in1. Hope to see you there.  

1st 1st Sat.

I am now the host/organiser of the first Saturday jam at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market  Jams are where we all show up and try to play together as a group, so bring those types of songs here. Time: 10am-12pm(noon)

Recent News

I recently put two pieces of art in the Rockingham County Fair. It went well and I look forward to doing that again next year. I also want to try and perform music at the fair next year. 

1st FRI. 

Harmony Free Will Baptist Church in Orange, VA (The Kirk Family)

Benefit Flyer Complete.jpg
Mon. TUE.

I teach various classes at Massanutten Resort that are also open to the public. I teach pencil drawing, ukulele, harmonica, and bongos. Follow this link to sign up.

I enjoy performing at some Farmers Markets


I host an open jam at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market on the first Saturday of every month. The jam runs 10am-12 noon. All musical genres are welcome. Family friendly! (That means no F-bombs and the like)

First Sat Jam.jpg
I want everyone to feel welcome at the open jam. I think that means no exclusion, including but not limited to Christianity. That being said I hope to make gay people feel welcome too. This is a community event to bring different people together, not a soap box for me to stand on and say everyone has to be like me. Lots of people believe in GOD but have different religions. Though I am a Christian, I would like people to see this as a safe zone for communication whatever we believe, if we can 'respect' each other's differences enough to do that. I will sing some Christian music here because that's who I am and other Christians want to do that also. But, that doesn't mean other people are not permitted to express other views in this community event. Family friendly though out of 'respect' for the children's ears.
Elkton, VA Bluegrass Jam
H-burg, VA
Farmers Market