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World War 2 Axis Powers (Germany, Japan, and Italy)

There is something all three Axis Powers had in common going into WW2 that I didn't really understand completely until now. They had all started trying to take over other people groups and countries before the war even started.

Germany under Nazi control was trying to kill all the Jews he could which we learn in school. Then he attacked Poland to start his attempt to attack all of Europe.

I didn't learn until later that Japan was trying to colonize Korea prior to WW2. They were removing Korean culture from their country and implanting Japanese culture. They were also using Korean women as sex slaves for Japanese soldiers. This is why Korea is now two countries because after WW2 it was taken out of Japanese control, but America controlled South Korea and Russia controlled North Korea so that created the split.

I saw a special on TBN that Haile Selassie's grandson is interviewed in. This has made me a lot more interested to learn more about Haile Selassie. In watching a documentary I learned that Italy attacked and attempted to take over the country of Ethiopia for no reason prior to WW2. The Italians did occupy Ethiopia but were eventually driven out.

So all three countries were already trying to conquer other people and thus revealing their desire to take over the world using force. That seemed to be the tie that brought them together. I understand that this is the past and I don't think things are the same now. Italian food is off the hook!!!

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