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Working at Massanutten Resort

This month is my two-year work anniversary teaching the arts at Massanutten Resort. I teach several drawing classes, ukulele, harmonica, and bongos. Classes are open to the public. I got to lead a bongo teaching tent at the Independence Day celebration this past July and am in the plans to do it again during a Fall festival in October. I love music and the arts and I'm thankful to get the opportunity to do what I love for a living. GOD is good! I also enjoy teaching and passing on what I have learned to others and help keep the arts going for others and the next generation. I hope that my teaching has been helpful in other people's learning process. If so, that is also a blessing to me. It is also neat to teach people from all over the country. I have had a student this week from California. Most of the students are from up and down the east coast, but not all of them. It's been a good experience for me. I have grown and stretched as an artist myself for sure. One of my teaching points is to always be a student. I tell students that I hope I am always a student even as a teacher because I always want to keep learning. JESUS saves! John 3:16

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