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Why Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Mother Refused to Send Her Small Children to Germany’s Public Schools

Why Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Mother Refused to Send Her Small Children to Germany's Public Schools - The Stream

More specifically the article points out that Bonhoeffer's mother homeschooled her children in early education because she did not trust public schools to transform their minds in early development. She wanted to teach her children when they were younger. Once her children's minds and bodies were of an enough mature age, by her appraisal, she did enter her children in public schools. The article also points out how Hitler made it illegal to not enroll children in public school when he gained power a short time later. If Hitler had come to power ten years earlier then Dietrich Bonhoeffer's mother would not have been able to guide his learning in early development before she enrolled him in public schools, so he probably would not have become the same person. This article is emphasizing the greater significance the parents should have in their children's education over the power of the states.

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