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"What Christmas Really Means" by Jeremiah Raines

The recording isn't the best. After I finish writing my Christian fiction novel, I plan to work on creating better recordings of my original songs. This is a Christmas song I wrote.

It came out a little differently than expected, but I wrote this song because I was thinking about how sometimes we as Christians get upset that the focus of Christmas gets taken away from JESUS, and that's right, but that Christmas is still the most Christian evangelical time of the entire year. There are more Christian songs playing in secular places than during any other time of the year. So, there is also something to celebrate, and that is also important to think about because we don't want to take that for granted either.

Maybe this song is an explanation to non-believers (apologetics) of why JESUS is in the Christmas music they listen to during the holidays.

JESUS is the way! John 14:6

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