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We should uphold the US Constitution and following due process of law

I do not believe that we live in a country or world where we are free of corruption. However as many people, including church leaders, have been saying recently that putting our beliefs in conspiracy theories will do nothing but make us paranoid and make our belief in the stories of the Bible look equally filled with paranoia. We have to uphold the US Constitution and due process of law. If doing that proved that there was corruption in the voting process then there is ground to stand on, in our current situation that has not happened so putting a belief in corruption here is standing on shaky ground.

I most identify politically as a Christian Conservative Independent who identifies more with the Republican Party. I like some of the Democrats' ideas and I have some family members who I love that are very Democrat, so I believe that not letting politics completely divide us is very essential in having our political beliefs.

As Christians we are suppose to pay our taxes and pray for all our leaders because powers are ordained by GOD, GOD wants to save everyone, and the government does not bear the sword in vain. (1 Timothy 2 and Romans 13) Since upholding the US Constitution and following due process of law means that Joe Biden is the US President then that is the right thing to do. I pray for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to be safe and do a good job for the good of our country and the world.

I also pray for Donald Trump who I believe did not have to wisest decision making at that rally, but I believe he is being vilified for political purposes. People are adding too many of their own opinions to what he said and did. That is why we have a judicial system and the US Supreme Court, because judges are trained in their jobs to just see facts and hopefully get it right where politicians are trying to be popular and get election votes in their favour. Truth is not a political platform or agenda, truth is just a fact of what literally did or did not happen. I pray that this is put into the hands of our judicial system who are more skilled at handling this and that they look at the facts and not opinions and popular theories. It is not much different than following the conspiracy theory that there was corruption during the election, if this conviction is based more on opinions and political propaganda instead of literal facts that justifiably prove guilt. If we start convicting anyone Republican or Democrat based on popular public opinion and not real evidence that proves a case, then we are all in danger of suffering from the same thing.

Again although I disagree with many of their political agendas, I do agree that they are rightfully my new US President and US Vice President. Prayers for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

James Madison is one of my favourite US Presidents. (chief contributing author of The US Bill of Rights)

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