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Wall on U.S. southern boarder

Proverbs 17:19 (NIV) 19 "Whoever loves a quarrel loves sin; whoever builds a high gate invites destruction."

As Christians we like to think about the walls around Jerusalem in the Old Testament of the Bible as a reasoning behind the wall on our southern boarder today. Remember that Jerusalem needed to be rebuilt in Old Testament times because it was destroyed and it was destroyed again in 70 A.D. by the Romans. The only reason I am pointing this out is because I found the Bible scripture above. Another translation says 'whoever trusts in high walls invites destruction. Maybe a wall on the entire southern boarder of the United States is a bad idea? I say this not because I think I am smarter than anyone who thinks otherwise, but because I believe in the Bible and have faith that GOD knows everything. What the Bible clearly teaches is of higher authority than what we think. Maybe this Bible scripture provides a clear answer to this question?

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