Vince Vala Memorial Concert

I knew Vince since I was a boy. He took photos for the local newspaper. In my website gallery is a pic of me and two other class mates who all won the D.A.R.E. poster designing contest. Vince took that picture. He also took the pic of me at the top of my "About" section which was done for an article in the local newspaper about an open mic I was hosting.

I worked with him at one point (daycare) and we jammed some music together on occasion. I am planning to attend this. Thanks to Debbie Reynolds at Culpeper Music for letting me know about this when I called the music store. Just posting it in case anyone is interested who did not hear about this yet. Maybe I'll see you there?

John 3:16

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I will still be performing again at the Culpeper Farmers Market this coming Saturday, May 28th from 9:30-11:30AM

I think I got mixed up on the date. So, I will be performing at the Culpeper Farmers Market tomorrow.