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Trump is responsible for the decision making that led to the vaccine.

The Democrats are guilty of the same behaviour they are accusing Trump of when the nation wide riots were happening. When Trump would mention sending troops to stop the violence they would accuse him of being ignorant and wrong, in effect giving defensive speech of those rioting. I don't think it was wise for Donald Trump to march his group to the capital, although he had every right to organise a rally with the intentions of peace. I don't think he ordered or planned for people to storm the capital nor do I think he has endorsed it after it happened. People can put their words in his mouth, but I am looking at what he literally said. Again it is just as likely that anarchists were involved in this situation as it is the previous riots.

I believe in the Constitution and our laws and if that means it is time for Biden to be U.S. President then I am in agreement with that. However if the Democrats want to impeach Trump for something they were recently doing in a different situation where more people died there is something to remember. Although the Democrats said Trump mishandled the Corona-virus response, it was Trump that decided to give money to help the pharmaceutical companies and led a charge to get vaccines soon. Many Democrats said Trump was wrong and we wouldn't have a vaccine for maybe years. Trump was right and they were wrong. I hope the Democrats don't wrongfully take credit for Trump's decision to produce this favourable result, but upholding out democratic system is important so I pray for a peaceful transition of power. So, if the vaccines get out to everyone and help fight the Corona-virus and get things more normal, then we can thank the U.S. President that may be being impeached right now for it. I do pray for the Democrats to do well in office for the good of our country. I pray for their safety and all of our politicians safety to help them serve the American public in the best way possible. I hope the Democrats are open to listening to some of the viewpoints on the right, like why we don't want public bathrooms open to whatever gender the person feels like they are. GOD is always on His throne no matter who is in the white house.

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