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Tony Rice died on Christmas morning

Tony Rice is my personal favorite guitarist although there are many whose musical talent I really admire. Guitar is my best instrument and the first one that I started to play seriously. Not many people have gotten this experience, but one of my biggest passions is the guitar and I have met my all time favorite guitar player not once but twice. I thank GOD for that! The first time he played with Peter Rowan at the Graves Mountain Lodge Festival of Music. After they finished I walked where they would exit to talk to him. I was telling Tony Rice how much I admire his abilities, and Peter Rowan kind of looked at me like, "Aren't you going to even say anything about/to me at all" Because my focus was completely on Tony Rice. The second time he played at a private party, with a lot of people there, in Culpeper County, VA where I am from. When he and the band exited the stage and went on the back deck I slid in back there with him. He lit up a cigarette and I talked to him for several minutes. His daughter was back there also. I didn't know him personally at all so I won't make a personal testimony for him on his behalf after his death. He did play some Gospel music and my prayer is that he did make it to Glory with JESUS and we can play some Gospel bluegrass music together in Heaven where I won't feel so bad that Tony is so much better than me, because JESUS with be the best picker of all.

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