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Third Music Album

I wrote this one a lot faster than the first two. Especially considering some of the songs on those albums, especially CD #1, were written in my early to mid 20's. (I'm now 42. GOD also allowed me to shape those early songs over time and make them better and more pleasing to Him.) The song "Arms of you" was a benchmark for me because it's the first song I wrote where I realised GOD gave me the gift. This third album is a benchmark because it is the first one I didn't use songs I have written from years past to create it. Three is the number of the Trinity and it is also 30 songs, which was the age JESUS was when He started His ministry.

I have one JESUS fish ankle tattoo I got as a young man when I made the life decision to be a Christian. (2000; Even though I was still a baby Christian at this time.) When this album is done I plan on getting another tattoo that I can post a pic of at that point. The theme being Psalm 150.

I thank GOD for blessing me with writing music I like for His glory, and if anyone else likes it that is an extra blessing. I think I have finally finished the writing, so the entire writing process this time was probably only a few months. Now I have to do my home recordings and then copy-write my songs for legal protection, then when I finish that I'll post the album on my website. This album is named

"In memory of Thomas 'Earman' Shifflett and Eugene Hall. Proverbs 18:24"

In the future at some point I still want to work on creating some more professional, polished, multi-tracked recordings that people can own if they want to.

Everything that happened to me that was good, GOD did it!

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