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There is a Girl Named Tom Connection to the Harrisonburg Area

(They played Common Ground coffee shop at EMU about 2 years ago, as well as chapel and other things.)

From blog: "It is impossible to encapsulate into a few sentences all the welcoming gestures & love we have felt during our time here in Harrisonburg. It already feels like a home away from home, & we have so many people to thank for making it feel this way. Joshua would especially like to thank his many camp and church friends that live in this area for seeking out opportunities to reconnect."

Actually there is more of a connection than is in their blog here.

They won the Walking Roots Band virtual singing competition to cover a WRB song after the pandemic hit. They also own Showalter Guitars, which is a local company. Jason Gray also has one of Stephen Showalter's guitars. This is the video of their winning entry in the online competition put on by WRB and you can see that the guitar player is playing a Showalter Guitar in the video. Stephen Showalter messaged me that people are looking into getting Girl Named Tom to perform over here once their The Voice journey is complete.

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