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The Passion of The Christ 2: Resurrection

I'm watching the first "The Passion of The Christ" now. Jim Caviezel gives one of my favorite movie acting performances in this film, if not my very favorite performance. There are plenty of other movies about JESUS I love to watch, especially the ones that are basically scripted to one of the gospels directly from the Bible. (exp: "The Life of JESUS" and the 4 'The Gospel of {Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John} movies with Selva Rasalingam as JESUS) On the subject of the crucifixion specifically The Passion of the Christ handles that subject masterfully I think and Jim Caviezel's acting brilliance has a lot to do with that. All the other actors do a wonderful job as well which is why this is such a great movie. I'd like to see Jim do it again, so I'm looking forward to seeing the follow up to this movie in 2024, GOD willing.

The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection (2024) - News - IMDb

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