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The discussion of rights

  1. How do you feel about the hypothetical question of; What if 'you' were aborted instead of being born? Does that affect your thoughts on the rights of the unborn? If not, then why?

  2. It is the specified duty of the US Supreme Court to interpret the US Constitution. They have done so in the case of Roe vs. Wade according to due process of law. As American citizens we have the right to demand our government obey due process of law. That is my right as an American citizen, even if others may not agree or care. If the law is carried out by the letter, then I am protected by the binding of that law, and people who disagree cannot act contrary to the law to suit their agenda or political platform. Disregarding due process of law (Meaning the obstruction of the authority given the US Supreme Court by the law itself to make this decision.) would be a violation of my rights as a Christ following pro-life movement supporter and American citizen.

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