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Teaching at Massanutten Resort in H-burg

GOD has used this job as a blessing for me to gain experience working to do things I really love doing for a living, and show others how to improve at them by passing knowledge to others. These classes are open to the public.

For the summer time Massanutten is going to add some classes for me to teach, which I am happy about.

I will teach 2 beginners classes for ukulele and 1 intermediate class for ukulele

I will teach 3 sketch classes. I currently teach landscape and animal drawing. During the summer we will add a caricature drawing class.

We are also adding a harmonica class and a bongo(drum) class during the summer.

The classes at Massanutten Resort are open for anyone, if anyone feels like they want to attend one of these classes you will be more than welcome there to do so. GOD is good!

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