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Talented Young Christian Women

These young ladies were all in High School in this picture. They are standing behind my van. When I lived in Culpeper, VA and organized some music events these talented young Christian women played at some of those events. This is at a gospel pickin' party I organized at a Methodist Church in Orange County, VA.

I will not be specific to respect her privacy just in case. One of these ladies attends James Madison University. I attended JMU's Homecoming football game recently and saw that she was a part of the Homecoming Court, which is the small group of students the Homecoming king and queen are chosen from. Congrats to her! If you are a student at JMU and reading this, you may be able to pick her out in the photo.

I pray all these ladies keep their faith in JESUS and find GOD's blessings for their lives. I enjoyed working with them some when they were in high school. Two are now married. I pray that they all walk with JESUS in their family life and GOD's Light guides their way. Keep on praising JESUS with your musical talents ladies! :) Psalm 150

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