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State of Faith in North America on TBN

I am watching The State of Faith on TBN about North America. The final place they went was in California. This church was ministering to homeless people and Mexicans. The pastor went to this trailer park packed tight that he said holds probably 1,000 Mexicans many of whom are undocumented. There were lots of little kids and families, which I didn't visualise as a substantial part our undocumented Mexican population. It makes me realise I don't really understand this issue as well as I assumed I did. Breaking up so many families especially with so many little children involved doesn't seem right to me at all. I have been against sanctuary cities in the past but that video makes me thing differently. Mexico actually seems like a nice country on travel shows and obeying the law with citizenship and everything else just seems like the right thing to do, so I was for naturalisation or deportation cut and dry. Since I realise now that this involves so many families with little kids, maybe we should just naturalise everyone here and document everyone. This would also give undocumented criminals less space to hide in. We can't break up so many families and disrupt the lives of so many kids in my opinion. If there are people in this country who want to obey our laws, work, and pay taxes then I am not against them doing that. GOD is able! John 14:6

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