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I am watching a show about things happening in Israel. They created a cure for cancer. It was approved 3 years ago and is 100% effective (or close), but has to be done on a case by case basis. They developed it in laboratory studies and are working on completing a machine that can complete the process. Then they can send out the machines to hospitals, which could happen within a year to individually treat patients. The cure they have developed is that they analyse your blood and learn about the cancer. Using this information with the technology they create an agent to put into your body, specifically designed to initiate a response from your body's natural immune system that specifically targets the type of cancer you have in your body.

F.Y.I. -They are doing other interesting stuff in Israel. They are growing farms out in the middle of their deserts. They also have created the most technologically advanced form of a machine that extracts water from the air, so that you can have drinking water by only using the air as a water source.

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