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Many on the left side of the abortion issue take the stance they don't shame women for having abortions. They are very pro abortion to the point of being encouraging about it and possibly influencing women's decisions.

Fact of the matter is that many many women after having abortions experience a great deal of shame later in life and do say they felt like the abortion clinic itself tried to heard them into it or speed the process along without considering the woman's feelings or considering that it was possible she shouldn't be there and that abortion wasn't right for her.

I pray that women who have had abortions, some who are now pro-life advocates, don't feel shame and that they have the understanding that their forgiveness comes from GOD. I also pray that we see abortion for what it really is by GOD's grace which will empower the pro-life movement that I pray stays rooted in the Christian church where it began and gains it's strength.

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