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Sex Laws

I got into a discussion with friends recently that made me think of this. For a while I have thought it would be a great idea to adjust our laws about the age of consensual sex. The reason is that there are 18 year old high school students who are still in the process of growing and finishing up their adolescence, that people who are old enough to buy alcohol and marijuana, if it's legal, can try to seduce and possibly temp them with these stimulant substances. This could put these 18 year olds at a tremendous disadvantage in their development to adulthood.

Also if there are two high school seniors dating and one is 17 and the other is 18 and they have sex, the 18 year old can serve jail time and be a sex offender in certain cases.

I believe that the Bible teaches about sex the right way, and so pre-marital sex is out of GOD's will. However, I think there is a tremendous imbalance here legally in our justice system when an 18 year old could get jail time for having sex with a 17 year old class mate, while a person of any age (in their 40's possibly) can have sex with an 18 year old high school student legally. Especially when this older person could at least influence this 18 year old high school student with their own personal alcohol or marijuana use if they are in a sexual relationship with each other.

I think that at least there should be a clause in the law about the age of consensual sex to require that an 18 year old can only have consensual sex with another adult who is under the legal age to purchase alcohol. So a person can only engage in legal consensual sex with an 18 year old (who is possibly a high school student) if that person is 18, 19, or 20 years old; not 21, 30, 40, 50 years old, or above. Also I think that if the sex is consensual that if the age difference is within either a numeric or calendar year, that the 18 year old should be protected from getting jail time or a permanent sex offender record for their mistake with the 17 year old who is possibly in the same grade as them. I think this 18 would have made a mistake, but this type of mistake early in age should not be a black mark on them for the rest of their life.

Obviously GOD's ways are the right ways. Not everyone follows that and GOD is the ultimate judge of everything good or bad. I do think laws influenced by Christianity are a good thing. This is just what I think about this law. It needs to be forgiving to 18 years olds in cases of consent when the other person is 17 years old (They can still get a slap on the wrist), and stricter on older people who can legally buy alcohol and have consensual sex with 18 year olds, some of whom are still high school students.

Basically it could be possible that an 18 year old high school senior could end up in jail for having sex with a 17 year old classmate, but a teach could legally have consensual sex with a student that is a high school senior and is 18 years old. This is not right! I assume the teacher may get fired if it becomes a problem, but it doesn't seem like they would face legal discipline unless it was without consent.

Another thing people need to think about is teenagers having unsupervised access to the internet. When you are a teenager you probably know what sex is, and we all know that pornography is on the internet and people can search for anything. Not to mention some people on the internet are child predators, who I pray law enforcement people continue to try and catch. There is probably stuff on youtube also that is more adult such as adult humour that young people could be viewing. How much do teenagers really know about these types of things? Is it a lot more than we think?

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