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See 'How does the flu shot work?

If you read this section of the internet article linked below you will see that small fragments of the flu are put into your body to cause your body's immune system to react and fill your body with antibodies to fight the flu. So if you get the flu your body's immune system has already boosted up your body with what it needs to fight off the flu before you are infected with it, so the flu has less of a chance to survive in your body. (It's kind of like bank robbers trying to rob a bank that is already full of police officers before they get there.) I assume the same strategy is happening with the corona-virus (Covid-19) vaccine. If you read the previous blog post you will see that Jimmy Carter's cancer was cured with immune-therapy. Immune-therapy is taking drugs that effect your immune system to boost it's ability to fight off disease in the body. This is two different medical strategies (effective vaccines and immune-therapy) that both use the body's natural, GOD created, way to fight diseases and tries to just amplify the capabilities of what the body already does on its own. GOD is still our great healer! Thank you for creating the body's immune system GOD, and thank You GOD for using doctors to see the beauty in the healing abilities of what you created in our bodies and working with those GOD created healing abilities in the medical field to help people!,out%20how%20to%20destroy%20them.

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