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Rockingham County Fair Art Gallery

I am very happy that I got to enter two of my original artworks in the Rockingham County Fair. They give out ribbons, I am not too focused on that even though I did get one for my painting. The better thing for me is just to get to display some art that I have created in public for other people to see. (This is one of the biggest county fairs in the country I think.) During the course of the week maybe hundreds of people will look at all the art that is there. So, that is the thing that I am most excited about. This is a nice opportunity to be blessed with. Especially because my art is dedicated to the One who saves me, my Lord and Savior Jesus. GOD has been very good to me, and GOD loves everyone, so I feel blessed and honoured to share that good news through doing something I love. I went yesterday to the Fair and Southern Grace was performing Gospel songs and that was a big blessing too. They did a great job. Praise GOD! I look forward to working on some new art pieces for next year, GOD willing.

Psalm 150

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