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I watched the video of the Asbury University revival on TBN today. The Spirit of GOD definitely appeared to be moving in that place. JESUS is worthy!

Other people may disagree with me, but I do think that revival has been happening in America for at least the last 20 years or more. All the amazing Christian bands that have been making music and touring all over the world. (Lauren Daigle going #1 on the contemporary [not Christian] music chart with "You Say" recently. I believe she is the first Christian musical artist to do that. Many contestants trying out for The Voice and American Idol use Lauren's song, Just Sam, who won American Idol on season 18, being one of them. "Three Wooden Crosses" by Randy Travis was the first Christian song to go #1 on the country [not Christian] music chart in 2003 I believe.) All the Christian radio stations, Christian television and movies created during this time, etc. "The Passion of the Christ" movie is one of my most favorite movies of all time. (Jim Caviezal delivers a great acting performance here. I am also a fan of Kirk Cameron and others.) A statue and memorial of Martin Luther King Jr., a Christian pastor/preacher and activist, was built in our nation's capital Washington DC, and his Christian legacy continues to be honored in memorials and streets being named after him in cities all over the world. Reverend Billy Graham was honored by many people in our nation's government after his death, and his casket was brought to the Capitol Rotunda. The national March for Life event in DC that has been a big support for the pro-life movement played a major role to reverse the Roe vs. Wade decision recently. Trump, with Christian support, moved the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem where the Jews want recognized as their capital for religious reasons based on Old Testament Bible history. Jimmy Carter, who is in his final days, is another outspoken Christian US president that we've had, but not the only other one. In professional sports we can look at people like Tim Tebow, Bethany Hamilton, Kirk Cousins, Joe Gibbs, Curt Warner, Stephen Curry {shooting g.o.a.t.}, Tony Dungy {1st black head coach to win super bowl}, Emmit Smith {running back g.o.a.t.}, and others who are outspoken Christians. I personally think that we have been experiencing a type of Christian revival for a long time, and I pray to GOD that only the name of JESUS is lifted high in that. This is another exciting occurrence at Asbury I think in a much bigger revival that has been going on for at least 2 decades. Anyone is obviously free to disagree with that, and no hard feeling here if that is the case. I pray revival in America never stops! Only JESUS Christ can do that! The Word is GOD! John 1:1

I'm looking forward to watching "JESUS Revolution" in theaters this weekend! I read the book already by Greg Laurie and enjoyed it!

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