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Remember Khaleesi Cuthriell

Today is the 4th anniversary of her birth. Police think that she is dead. My friend Daniel Barnhart and I went to the birthday party/remembrance for Khaleesi. We made some new friends there, the people were a pleasure to meet. They are concerned that this investigation follow through for justice sake and that she be found dead or alive. There were many other children there and some parents and community members are doing this to stand up for them too, so that the same type of thing is less likely to happen to other children. My friend Daniel is a poet and his poem, "Thank you GOD for my Writting", is one of the free tracks you can download on my demo CD. Let's keep standing up for child victims like Khaleesi! This was a true blessing for both Daniel and I to be a part of today!

I want to pray for the two in custody assumed to be guilty of this crime to accept the forgiveness they can receive from the atoning sacrifice that JESUS took in this world as punishment for our sins so that we do not have to suffer the condemnation we deserve. In so doing, I pray they also open up and reveal more about what happened to this girl and where she is. It would be a blessing from GOD to the accused also if they cooperate and repent of any wrong doing and help solve this crime. Only JESUS can save! John 14:6

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