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Public Bathroom Laws

I have this website to say that JESUS Christ is the way for me. There is no other way including political parties. I hope other people see GOD's Light through me and find for themselves the hope that can only be found in JESUS Christ, GOD's Son. Being blessed to live in a democracy where we can vote for the laws we want is important though. I am against men who self identify as women going into women's public restrooms as well as the boys in schools. I am against women going into men's public restrooms also. I am not against having a third bathroom that is a private option for people who feel uncomfortable. I think women's right to feel uncomfortable sharing public bathrooms with men is also important and shouldn't be treated as insignificant to favor a different group of people over them. This is not a gay or straight issue, this is a women's and children's public safety issue for me when we live in a society where people are murdered and raped every day and systems are abused by those who further these devious plots. Thus systems put in place should consider the vulnerable, like children, and consider all elements of society, not the interests of just one group. (exp: How does this law effect girls and women? Are we considering their rights as well?)

Here is one thing to consider. People who are registered sex offenders should not be allowed in the opposite sex's bathrooms. So, some system to prevent this will need to be in place to protect children especially. Studies in England have shown girls in schools have not wanted to use the bathroom and felt ashamed for having periods. (Maybe girls and boys should have a safe place to talk to someone in authority about this issue, without being judged for it.) Boys who are caught doing inappropriate things with girls in school bathrooms and locker rooms should also have that right taken away from them. (or visa versa)

Here is another thing to consider. The Affordable Care Act mandated that businesses had to distribute sexual contraceptives and birth control devices to employees. If a company disagreed the government would cover the cost of these items, but the company still had to do it. Hobby Lobby sued the federal government and won their federal court case. Neil Gorsuch, who is now on the US Supreme Court, is the federal judge that sided with Hobby Lobby. Point being if too many people are hurt by this bathroom law that those people, maybe someone just feels so brave to take action on moral conviction, or it could be a watch dog like Hobby Lobby, someone could bring a lawsuit against the federal government so they can't force this on everyone.

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