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Psalm 137

I started reading the Bible regularly for the first time at age 26 I believe. Before that my Biblical knowledge was very minimal. Living for the world and myself brought me to a breaking point and I knew I had to read the Bible as a way to prevent myself from committing suicide. I believed in JESUS my whole life, I was just never committed to the relationship so my sins kept me captive in that prison of the damage they caused in my life and others. I am still not perfect, but that isn't what saves me anyway. Being loved by a perfect GOD, who I earnestly try to be like and please is what saves me. That's grace!

When I first read the Bible I went from cover to cover. The first Bible I read was a Living Translation Bible I got for confirmation class at CUMC in Culpeper when I was a teenager. Attending youth group there in High School made a big impact on my thinking, because I had a lot of friends in youth group and we had many good times. It was about JESUS, so that helped bring me back to Him!

Psalm 137:8-9 is one of those verses I read early on and didn't understand. It's also one of those verses that atheists cherry pick to say the Bible isn't true. Verses 5 and 6 are in the book Jerusalem by Jay Sekulow so I read the entire chapter in the Bible. This time when I read verses 8 and 9 it made complete sense to me.

It's a lamentation or bitter cry to GOD about a wrong that has been done to them. Verse 8 says may someone treat you the way you treated us, and verse 9 says may someone dash your little ones against a rock. I put 2 and 2 together this time and got 4. The Babylonians were dashing the Jewish people's little ones against the rocks and this is a lament to GOD about it, and a cry for justice on this matter for GOD to do the same thing to the Babylonians that the Babylonians had already done to the Jews.

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