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My mom is having surgery today so prayers for her are very much appreciated, for the surgery and recovery. I also want to pray for the election and that we trust in JESUS no matter what happens. I have a political opinion, but I am trying not to use this page to make a political statement. GOD is bigger than anything else and transcends all other beliefs. I do believe that JESUS is the way, and that should effect our vote. I also think we need to vote with the children and future generations in mind. My mom took the picture of the pumpkin I carved and put it on a bunch of local facebook pages. She said it made her feel closer to GOD, so I am happy for that as well as her encouragement of my Christian art. Thanks to my aunt Susan for helping out with mom this weekend. Prayers for mom and our government no matter who wins, we always win with GOD!

John 3:16

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