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Pray for Russia and Ukraine

Remember that Vladimir Putin came to power from his work in the KGB. If he completely controls the KGB now as his puppet organization, then he has the power to perform very corrupt acts of government against any civil authority in Russian who oppose him. (See: Hitler's Night of the Long Knives) I am not claiming to know this is happening, I'm just saying it is possible if Putin is ruling for his own best interest and not the best interest of his home country.

Also 'if' he is corrupt, it would be more beneficial for Putin to create a dislike for Russian people in general around the world. The Russians who want to stand up for good and support Ukraine instead of attack the country would have no support at all if the rest of the world becomes bigoted towards all Russian people. This would greatly work to Putin's advantage. If we pray for Russian people to see GOD's love for them, then the darkness there will be exposed to the Light of JESUS Christ!

On another note, is the United Nations ever going to hold Syrian president Bashar al-Assad accountable for potentially committing crimes against humanity on his own people? When Egypt had its revolution the country of Syria followed suit. President Bashar al-Assad allegedly sent troops out on the streets who shot Syrian citizen protestors. Russia and Iran militarily defended the Syrian government and American under the leadership of Barak Obama militarily defended the Syrian citizen militia groups until there was substantial evidence that militant Islamic extremists were involved. Bashar al-Assad is still the president of Syria. If Bashar al-Assad ordered that his citizens be shot in the streets for protesting, shouldn't he have to face justice as a world leader by having the international courts determine his guilt or innocence? If guilty, then in the very least he should be forced to step down as president of Syria and let them elect a new president.

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