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Non-Violence is the Answer

Growing up as a youth I remember my paternal grandparents being the chairpersons of the local county Democrat party and my maternal grandparents being the chairpersons of the local county Republican party. They were very political but did not having anything bad to say about one another. They just always asked how the others were doing and wished them well. My grandfathers have passed away and now my grandmothers are still alive, and the still just ask how the other one is doing and wish each other well. I lean Christian Conservative, but politically identify as an Independent if I am forced to choose.

I just visited my paternal grandmother (who I pray no harm comes to) and we watched the news broadcast covering the attack on Paul Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi's husband. I pray for them and hope that we can all see that this is wrong no matter what our politics are. My thoughts are that there will be political rhetoric attached to how this discussion happens to a certain degree, but that this is normal and would also happen if Paul Pelosi was a Republican. I think politicians want to be good and right and that is what they are trying to do, so someone else always has to be wrong. I believe the solution to everything is JESUS because only GOD is good and right. GOD knows everything and we don't. JESUS died for *all* of us and that is bigger than and transcends beyond any political platform or world philosophy because GOD's righteousness according to the Bible far exceeds ours. (Not because GOD is limited to our understanding of Him.)

One of the things I agree with the Democrats on is that we need to limit regular citizens' access to dangerous firearms. When citizens possess firearms that pose a greater danger to society, (assault weapons in my opinion) it is my belief that the rights of other citizens are not being equally protected. (We have the right to *life*, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and *equal* protection under the law. The second Amendment should be viewed in a way that respects the rights of all citizens equally, not primarily the owners of the gun.) I thought of an effective way they might be able to make more grounds in this regard. They can start by passing a law that protects citizens' guns rights instead of restricting them. Write a bill that includes specific verbiage describing guns that are not considered as posing too dangerous a threat to society (that would not pose greater/frivolous risk of robing other citizens of their right to *life) and that still protects people's rights to own those guns as afforded them by their 2nd Amendment rights, then pass this bill. Once that has been done it proves the intent is not to take gun rights completely away and you have a better platform to work from to try and pass bills to stop the sale of assault weapons that risk other citizens' rights to *life. The right to *life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness is mentioned in the Declaration of Independence.

One of my friends thinks the answer is to be militant about registering all guns once a year to make them legal (like we have to register our cars) and do background checks 100% of the time without exception on all gun purchases. I like his viewpoint also.

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