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New MLK Statue "The Embrace"

Martin Luther King's son defends controversial new headless statue - BBC News

I agree with Martin Luther King III's comments. My opinion is that I like this. One reason is that it focuses on his relationship with his wife, and she is a big reason that MLK Day even exists, and she was MLK's supportive loving wife during his lifetime.

I like that it celebrates MLK winning the Noble Prize for peace. MLK was also a Christian pastor/preacher who leaned on the Everlasting Arms. MLK winning the Nobel Prize and having a national holiday to celebrate a non-violent equal rights leader, who stood against the disfranchisement of black people in America, are major legal victories that significantly defuse the potency of infrastructural powers that racism may try to build.

Another thing this statue caused me to think about is that MLK mentioned the injustice of the imprisonment of Nelson Mandela during his Noble Prize speech. Ronald Reagan signed MLK Day into law in November of 1983, Reagan left office in January of 1989, about one year later Nelson Madela was released from prison in February of 1990. Is there a connection there? Maybe, though it is speculative.

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