New Job

I met with the owner of Creative Art Workshop, which is opening in January. Her name is Joyce and she is a very agreeable person to talk with. She is going to invite me to be a part of her business to teach art classes and sell some of my hand made arts and crafts there. This will start in January and I am very thankful to GOD for this new opportunity. I am still teaching art and music at Massanutten Resort and am very thankful to for GOD that as well.

I already told Joyce this during our meeting. She told me that 4pm was a good time to call her. I watched 700 Club on TBN that was on from 3-4pm before I called her. At the end of the show Terry, on The 700 Club, prayed for a woman named Joyce who needs someone to shine the light of JESUS Christ in her life. Right after that was when I called Joyce then met her at her store to discuss our new business relationship. I can't be 100% sure that Terry was praying for the Joyce that became my new boss directly after Terry's prayer, but that is definitely a possibility.

GOD is good! John 10

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