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National March for Life 2023 in DC

I had a good time in DC after a long period of time since last visiting there. I will say this, I'm not a big city guy as far as where I choose to live but visiting is fun and the metro workers, police officers, and park service workers I talked to were all as nice as they could be.

This was my first time ever at the National March for Life, praise GOD! I went to the MLK Memorial for the very first time also. I intentionally have wanted to see this statue for the first time when I was more well read and educated about MLK, just as a personal preference. We Are Messengers was the opening band before the speakers. Some of the speakers included House of Representatives Majority Leader Steve Scalise, Tony Dungy and his wife (Tony is the first black football head coach in history to win the NFL Super Bowl), Jonathan Roumie (The Chosen and JESUS Revolution movie), and Franklin Graham gave the closing prayer before the march started to the US Supreme Court building. Being led in prayer by Franklin Graham alone made the trip an amazing experience, but there were many more blessings. There were a lot of people there! I also brought my guitar and did a bit of street performing of gospel songs at the MLK Memorial first and then at the end of the March.

Psalm 150 (Purpose Driven Life)

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