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Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword {Matthew 26:52}

I added this original song as track #1 of the demo CD. You can download it and any songs on the demo (Protect the Womb) for free! This is a good way to think about starting a new year and into the future. Especially because MLK Day is at the beginning of the year, and he is a champion of non-violence as well as civil rights. I also have an original song called "Two Great American Preachers" on the demo that you can download. The two preachers are MLK and Billy Graham. I am trying to finish the Christian fiction novel (Prodigal Daughter) I'm writing first, then I want to prioritize re-recording my original songs in professional quality so I can sell them. I plan to keep some free music up on the demo album also.

Also check out track #10 that is a poem by my friend Daniel Barnhart; "Thank you GOD for my Writing". Daniel has cerebral palsy and puts his hope in JESUS Christ. Daniel is as happy as other people and feels blessed by the Best! You can download his poem for free also. Look for more of his writing in the future, we are planning on writing a book together.

Psalm 150

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