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Legal Argument for being Pro-Life

  1. In probably most areas of the United States if you murder a pregnant mother, it is considered a double homicide. So, most people agree from a legal standpoint already that killing the unborn baby is murder. Abortion laws grant the pregnant mother as the only one who can legally murder her child. The pro-life argument is that there is no such thing as a moral murder.

  2. A person is legally considered dead if their heart stops beating, so they should at least be considered alive when their heart starts to beat. So, in the least when the unborn baby has a heartbeat they should be considered alive and have the same U.S. Constitutional rights as the mother carrying the child in her womb. Again if you are legally dead when your heart stops, then you should be in the least legally alive when your heart starts. So, at this point the unborn baby has its own individual legal rights apart from the mother.

  3. The 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution states that any right that is not specifically given to the federal government belongs to the states. Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution does it specifically give the federal government the right to determine the legality of abortion.

  4. Pro-abortion advocates claim that Roe vs. Wade set a legal precedence that can not be reversed. Here is my legal argument against that. The U.S. Constitution once stated that a black person is only 3/5 of a person. Should that also set a legal precedence that cannot be reversed? If Roe vs. Wade cannot be reversed then should the repeal of the the Three Fifths Compromise be considered the same way? I would argue that if something is deemed un-Constitutional (Roe vs. Wade due to the 10th Amendment) it should be repealed as was the Three Fifths Compromise.

  5. If you destroy a nest of eagle eggs you will be fined thousands of dollars and may go to jail. 'If' our laws elevate the importance of protecting unborn eagles, which are birds, above the importance of protecting unborn human beings, I see an imbalance of legislative foresight and proper protection of humans under the law in that type of hypocrisy.

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