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Last night

I am going to go ahead and make a comment on this even though my opinion means little.

I would not defend Will Smith's actions at all, but I think Chris Rock is equally as guilty for what happened. Two wrongs don't make either person right.

I understand comedy is supposed to be funny and edgy, but people should have enough social awareness and respect to not joke about certain things such as people's loved ones who are passed away or have a health problem. Jokes about a woman's panties should be inappropriate, especially if you mention a specific woman's panties and you aren't married to her, and especially in a joke also about another man's wife! (Reality Check: If an outspoken conservative did the same thing, not only would Hollywood not defend him, they would try to have him crucified. Hollywood is the pot calling the kettle black.) Was Will Smith also wrong? Yes! My mom still has a television and I watch it with her sometimes, but I got rid of my television. I plan to live a life with minimal television viewing. I doubt that is going to happen with the internet though.

It is wrong in my opinion that anyone joke about someone's health problems, but if Chris Rock would have done research on Jada Pinkett Smith's health condition before he joked about it he may have learned something that could have wised him up a bit more. Alopecia may seem harmless and funny on the outside because it's hair loss, but one of biggest causes of alopecia is 'severe' stress. (Maybe depression) It's more of a side effect of a potential mentally traumatic condition a person could be in. (Do we really care about mental health like everyone says they do, about themselves maybe instead of sincerity (?), if it is okay to make fun of people having those problems?) That's double talk and leads to confusion.

I do not agree with what Will Smith did, but the health problem his wife has that Chris Rock made fun of is an indication that their family is more than likely under 'severe' stress.

Don't make fun of people's health problems, however seemingly innocent!

I do not agree with Will Smith's actions either.

Two wrongs happened last night in my opinion. I pray they can both move on from it and humble themselves, hopefully to GOD, and realize they both made mistakes and need forgiveness. This is what JESUS Christ died to bless our world with!

I think it is good that Will Smith has apologized to Chris Rock also. To be forgiven we must first admit that we were wrong.

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