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Jimmy Carter and the repealing of Roe vs. Wade

Prayers for Jimmy Carter in home hospice.

When many people think of abortion; they think Democrats = pro-choice and Republicans = pro-life. That isn't always necessarily true. The most important legislation for the pro-life movement before the repealing of Roe vs. Wade was the Hyde Amendment. The Hyde Amendment is a rider amendment. A rider amendment is something that can be attached to bills in the legislation process. The Hyde Amendment states that taxpayer money cannot be spent to fund abortions. So, if a politician could/can get the Hyde Amendment attached to a bill before it passes, then by law no money spent to implement that bill is allowed be used to fund abortions. Who passed the Hyde Amendment into law? Jimmy Carter did when he was U.S. president. Carter helped us get to the post Roe vs. Wade era as well.

On a different subject, I think that the repealing of Roe vs. Wade gives strength to state governments who want to stand up against the federal government when they try and use muscle to force the states to comply with liberal ideas on public bathroom laws. Women and girls should be allowed to have dignity and respect by having their privacy rights acknowledged when they are doing personal and private activities in public bathrooms and locker rooms. People claim that they care about others so much that we should respect personal space around other people, but at the same time some want to tell girls and women that they have to poop and change their tampons in a room that boys and men are allowed to walk into if they feel like a female. What kind of sense does that make??? I am not advocating disrespect for transgender people, and I'm not opposed to them having their own bathroom because they want privacy. I am advocating respect for girls and women and stating that giving them their dignity in public should be a value of our society. In so doing, our society will be a better place. Taking women's privacy rights away from them to accommodate the privacy desires of transgender people does not fix the problem.

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