In reading JERUSALEM by Jay Sekulow I have learned a lot on the legal case for Israel. One non-legal point he makes is that after WW2 the Jewish people want to re-establish their country as a stable place Jews can flee to should they be suffering persecution around the world. That makes a lot of sense. Another thing I learned is that England pulled out of Palestine earlier than they were planning to because of their own financial problems leaving a vacume of civil authority that needed to be filled. This means that Israel declaring independance as a soverign country was the smart and responsible thing to do given the situation especially. Israel taking action most likely prevented great chaos and possibly more genocide of their people. This is a book I will have to read multiple times to get the most out of.

I have thought of a possible idea to remedy this territorial disagreement. What about creating the entire region into one country with multiple states, giving access to the country for all state citizens. That means everyone gets the entire territory. There can be a federal government made up of representatives of the different states, and each state can have it's own government. Like here in America. Everyone will get Jerusalem as their capital this way too, which I think is the outcome all sides want. This idea would accommodate both sides on that. The most difficult thing would be to agree on a government. They are going to have to get along one way or the other, this might force them into a compromising situation where it is in the collective best interest of all to not fight. It could also be good for Israeli diplomacy with the rest of the Arab countries surrounding them. Just an idea, I'm not completely sure it is a good one. (This was an original thought, but I have since read in the book Jay mention a two state one country scenario like this as a possible outcome in a list of several potential outcomes.)

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