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I finished writing a fourth album. "JESUS Before Me"

I was focusing on writing a Christian fiction novel and had plans to focus on making better recordings of my first three albums. I accidently broke my computer not too long ago which put an end to those two things. I was going to stop writing songs for a while before my computer broke. Since I broke my computer, I decided to write a fourth album instead of the other things I would have done. I just finished writing it, and it took about a month to do. I am happy with it and that is my goal, to do my best and write music I like. If anyone else agrees, that's just icing on the cake. If I live a long time, I hope to write lots of songs. My mom bought me a new laptop for my birthday, so I can practice these songs and then record them to copywrite and post on this website. That may take a little time. I think it was ultimately a bad idea to decide to not write songs for a while. Me breaking my laptop was not a good thing, but there is a positive result that happened from it. I still have plans to complete a Christian fiction novel I started working on and also make good recordings of all of my original songs to make available to the public for download. I hope that you will enjoy the newest album when it gets posted. Thanks for checking out my website!

JESUS is the way! John 14:6

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