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First off, I should be performing at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market on April 23rd. We also might do an official last First Saturday Open Jam on April 2nd.

April 2nd: "official" final First Saturday Open Jam 10am-12noon.

April 9th: Staunton Farmers Market performance starting at 9:30-11:30am

April 23rd: Harrisonburg Farmers Market performance at 10am-12noon I think.

Halee is the manager at HFM, thanks to her for being fun to work with!

Also, Easter is coming up. I have an Alexa and Google mini. On Alexa I have discovered a cool playlist I want to share with people. It is called "Classical for Easter". You either have to have Alexa or an Amazon account to listen to it, I think. This is one of my new favorite playlists and I just want to share it with other people who might also enjoy it. He is Risen!

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