Harrisonburg Farmers Market First Saturday Open Stage/Jam

The weather report is predicting a high of 68 degrees next Saturday which is the first Saturday of March. With lows in the mid-50's. I went to the Harrisonburg Farmer's Market today and talked to some people, including the organizer of it, about starting the jam. She said yes, so next Saturday I am going to start leading the first Saturday open stage/jam at Harrisonburg Farmers Market again. I'm looking forward to a second year, the first was great! This pic is from an article in The JMU Breeze.

It's the first Saturday of every month from 10am-12noon. All are welcome to this community event, family friendly. (Think child appropriate.) You don't judge me for being a Christian, and I won't judge you either for whatever you believe, we'll just try to get along. I try and give equal time to everyone interested. The payoff is that on a nice warm day there is usually a big crowd to perform for. This is completely volunteer for everyone, including me. It is at Turner Pavilion in downtown Harrisonburg, VA.