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Gospel Music Benefit. Sunday, 10/17 @ 6PM. Harrisonburg Free Will Baptist Church

Due to Covid-19 South River Express will not be able to perform here. I am looking into a talented gospel bluegrass artist to take their place. He will let me know tomorrow.

We hope and pray for the health of all the members of South River Express and thankful that they are not only taking their health into consideration, but also the health of others by dealing with the contraction of this virus in a responsible way. FYI -No one at this event has had contact with any members of the band for months, so we could not have contracted the virus from them.

Whatever happens we will have a good time of fellowship with music to focus on GOD and raise money for this Christian mission. Myself and 3 in 1 Quartet are still ready to praise the Lord next Sunday and we hope you will join us. I will post an update about the possible other Christian artist.

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