GOD is Wisdom

I recently recorded the rough recordings for album #4 and posted them on my website. GOD has already given me the ideas for all 10 songs for the next album, only 1 song is finished, and the rest are still works in progress. The album will be called "Divine Path". This will add up to 50 songs written when it's done, which is exciting for me. Thank you JESUS for blessing me with this and being my inspiration!

I am planning to start working on better recordings of my songs soon, so I can make them available to the public.

On another note, prayers for Kenedi Anderson who dropped out of American Idol. I suppose that she is back in the Charlottesville, VA area where she and her family live. I don't assume anything major is wrong, but she could be having difficulty dealing with leaving the show and whatever reason caused her to do so. Maybe we will get to see her perform around here? She is talented. I pray that she sees the Light of JESUS Christ to help her in life!