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GOD Heals

My first thought when watching this video was a little random. I started to think about the civil rights era when some, but not all, white people wanted to segregate black people and exclude them from some of the benefits that this country provides its citizens. What about hospitalization care? Wouldn't that be horrible if black people couldn't get equal treatment to medical attention as whites if segregation had been victorious. Segregation did not win thank GOD! Pastor Martin Luther King Jr. and some of our Christian US Presidents such as John F Kennedy together with Lyndon B Johnson (Democrats) and Dwight D Eisenhower (Republican) helped give our country guidance in the right direction I believe. To even it up politically by adding one more Republican, Ronald Reagan signed MLK Day into law and I think that matters too. I believe that the impact that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Reverend Billy Graham have had to the benefit of our country is immeasurable.

Unprovoked Attack Opens Door for God’s Glory |

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