Girl Named Tom and Stephen Showalter

I noticed that Girl Named Tom played a Showalter Guitar tonight that they bought from local luthier here Stephen Showlater. He always gets a table for his guitars at the Rockingham County Fair. Congrats to Girl Named Tom, I gave them 10 votes tonight. If you are a fan I suggest you vote too. I do not know Girl Named Tom. I do know Stephen Showlater. Jason Gray, the famous worship leader, has one of Stephen's guitars as well. Congrats to Stephen Showlater on a lot of success with his retirement project. I have talked with Stephen Showlater on several occasions and even been to his house and shop a couple times. He has always been a friendly and considerate person. I pray for all these people mentioned, as well as all of The Voice contestants, to look for and see the Light of GOD's love through JESUS Christ to shine visibly through their success so they will always remember that they are loved by the GOD who is love!

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