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Everyone needs prayers and GOD's grace!

I feel strongly that as a human race, if we want to really behave with compassion it seems simple to understand that it is more compassionate to have abortions earlier in the pregnancy before the baby has a heart beat instead of waiting until it is a more fully developed human with more feelings and pain perception. There is no doubt that this is true in my opinion, and I give GOD all the credit because goodness comes from Him.

That being said I pray for everyone on this issue. I pray for the pro-abortion people to be able to see the perspectives of pro-life people more and how GOD shapes that point of view through the instruction of His word in the Bible. People who have had abortions and are broken because of it need out prayers. We all need forgiveness. Those of us who are Christians know that Jesus paid the price for our forgiveness, we didn't earn it. We also know that GOD says if we want to be forgiven we have to forgive other people. We know that GOD wants to forgive and save everyone, also not everyone wants to accept this love from GOD.

Prayers for everyone, GOD is the answer!

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