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Douglas Wilder gives an endorsement for Glenn Youngkin and not McAuliffe.

The handling of the blackface controversy is partly responsible for this. (Northam was McAuliffe's Lt. Governor) He points out that one of the other reasons is that McAuliffe made the statement about parents not having an influence on what their children learn in schools. I could not agree with Douglas Wilder more on that point!

Wilder's statement of endorsement for Youngkin here is that he has more confidence in him giving financial assistance to historically black colleges in Virginia based on prior history of the Democratic candidate and comments by Youngkin.

Douglas Wilder is the first negro elected as full-term governor in the history of the United States! (We aren't accustomed as much to the word negro, but in actuality it is really the most appropriate word to use. It has a literal dictionary definition that means people of brown skin/of African origins. Exp. United Negro College Fund. )

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