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"Divine Path"

I have finished writing album #5. GOD started giving me a lot of ideas for songs when I was recently recording album #4. I decided to finish this album since GOD was inspiring me to complete 50 original songs total. Praise GOD! I will practice these songs for a while and edit them some more before I make the rough recordings, copywrite them, then post the songs on the website. So, these songs may be posted in a month or more.

After completing album #5 I really plan to start focusing on rerecording all the songs to make more professional sounding acoustic audio files that will be available for free download. I want to keep writing at this point, but not to create any more albums yet.

After recording the acoustic audios of my originals, I plan to make multitrack recordings of my originals with more instruments and instrumental parts that I will try and sell to earn some money... (work in progress)

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